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Expedition Bigfoot

Day 1: Drive to small town in Northern Washington State. Buy beer.

Day 2: Buy beer, backpack, camera, and beer.

Day 3: Begin walking East on trail near Wally's Liquor Mart, known for its Bigfoot sightings.

Day 4: Beer supply low. Return to Wally's Liquor Mart. Buy beer.

Day 7: Begin walking East on trail near Wally's Liquor Mart, known for it's Bigfoot sightings.

Day 8: Bigfoot tracks spotted. Changed course to Northeast to follow tracks.

Day 9: Lost tracks. Learned to brew beer from pinecones.

Day 13: Pinecones depleted from area. Found Bigfoot tracks. Changed course to north to follow tracks.

Day 14: One inch of snow fell during the night. Realized that I forgot to buy a tent.

Day 15: Snow melted. Tracks found. Followed tracks to cave. Spent night in cave.

Day 16: Woke to find hibernating bear in cave.

Day 17: Did nothing. Still exhausted from running away from bear the day before.

Day 18: Bigfoot spotted. Took picture of Bigfoot through the dense brush. Continued north to follow Bigfoot.

Day 19: Came to clearing and discovered a shocking but pleasant sight, Wally's Liquor Mart.

Below is the only picture I took of Bigfoot through the dense brush.

Operation U.F.O.

Determined to locate and photograph a UFO I decided to visit Area 51 that I heard so much about. I studied the map and found Area 51 on the other side of the city. Area 51 was surprisingly heavily populated with low-income housing projects. I pulled the car to the curb to ask directions. "Where's the UFO's?" I asked.

"Yo momma!" was the reply. This had me stumped. I had just left my mother and she didn't know where the UFO's were. I grabbed my cell phone and called her just to make sure. I then decided to drive to the next block. I found that many people in Area 51 knew my mother and had lots of detailed comments about her.

I knew I was getting close to the UFO's because when I tried to drive to another block I noticed that my car was missing one of the rear wheels. I heard about how the UFOs send down a beam of light and pull objects up to their spacecraft. I could picture the aliens examining and dissecting my tire at that very moment.

The people of Area 51 were very friendly. A crowd gathered to watch me put the spare tire on. They offered lots of advice on what I should do. I wasn't sure how some of their suggestions would help get the tire on the car, but I thanked them anyway. Once finished I asked the crowd where I should go next. I tried to keep a mental list of their replies but didn't know how to get to any of those places. I pulled out the map and asked them to point out the locations.

One gentleman offered to show me one of the aliens. I explained that I really wanted a picture of the UFO but decided that a picture of an alien would suffice. After negotiating the fee for my new guide, he pointed to my car behind me. I turned and I took the picture just before he left with my car.

See the amazing picture below.

Lock Ness Monster Sighting:

"How could a prehistoric monster survive in a lake?" I thought. I was very skeptical about this one. That was, until I arrived.

Driving up to Lake Ness I noticed the large humps in the water. I parked the car and walked to the lake's edge. There I saw two of the monsters walking on the beach. I approached them, as they seemed friendly enough. One even let me pet him before they slowly moved to the water.

I returned to the car and untied my canoe from the roof and carried it to the lake's edge. I could see the Lock Ness Monsters were still swimming around close to shore as though they wanted to play. I paddled my canoe towards them and they surrounded the canoe. One lifted his head close to the canoe and let me pet his scales. At the same time the other Monster gave me quite a splash from the other side of the canoe. I was drenched with water.

Since I was already wet I decided to go swim with the Lock Ness Monsters. They were very playful and liked it when I held on to their backs as they swam around. An hour went by and I was exhausted. It was then that I decided to go get my camera.

I walked up the bank to my car and searched through all my luggage for my camera. Once I found the camera I noticed that the Lock Ness Monsters were gone but I at least got a great picture of my car.

See the amazing picture below.

My Amazing World Photographs

Grand Canyon:
I knew this was going to be the most amazing photograph I ever took. I packed my new camera with great care so that it would not be damaged in the long trek, tucked it in my backpack then hopped on the mule.

With my trusty guide leading the way, we slowly started our decent down the narrow trail. I helped to make the hours go by quickly by talking constantly to my guide. I told him story after story about my childhood pet cat named Fluffy. I could tell that he was very interested because he kept looking back in disbelief and shaking his head. I think he was from Florida because he kept mentioning something about a "sunny beach".

Before we started down the trail he cautioned me to go slow but when I got to the part about Fluffy getting her toenails clipped he took off in full gallop. I tried to keep up and even had to raise my voice so that he would not miss any of the story. I guess he was just being courteous by trying not to waste any more time getting to the bottom.

Once we got to the river he unpacked a rubber raft from the supply mule. The gas-powered air pump was loud so I had to get within inches of his ear so that he could hear the story about Fluffy and the librarian. Finally the raft was full of air and we were on our way down the river. Unfortunately I was having trouble remembering which stories I already told him so, just to be on the safe side, I had to repeat some stories.

I heard a splash. "Man overboard!" I yelled. I held out the paddle for him to grab but he kept getting further and further away. There must have been an optical illusion happening, as it seemed as though he was swimming away from the raft. The lonesome feeling overpowered me as I sat alone in the raft floating down river for another hour.

Finally, there it was. What I traveled so far to photograph, the 'Red-Footed, Yellow-Bellied, Tufted Boobie Sapsucker'. I quickly pulled my new camera out from my pack and took a picture. It was the only picture I had time to take before the waterfall.

See the amazing picture below.

Big Ben:
Then off to England where I had a perfect photograph that I wanted to take, the exact second when Big Ben struck 12 noon and the sun being directly above the clock. I bought an extra large wide-angle lens and spent days searching for the perfect location to take the picture from. Once found, I started to study astronomical charts to determine the day when the sun would be directly above Big Ben. I was in luck, just three days to go before the alignment would be perfect for the picture.

I spent the three days experimenting with the exquisite English cuisine and learning the local language. I returned to the location for the picture and quickly discovered that I was a day off on my calculation. The next 364 days went by quickly as I became more fluent in the local dialect and was able to understand more than 70% of the words.

It was well worth the wait, as the picture would show once I return home to develop the film.

See the amazing picture below.

Here is a picture of me when I returned home to find that my new camera has a lens cap.

See the amazing picture below.

World Photography Tour

Being the expert photographer that I am, I decided to go on a world tour. I wanted to photograph all the major attractions around the world as a gift to the people of Earth. The trip took one year but it was well worth the time. Now countless future generations can enjoy my pictures.

My first stop was the Grand Canyon. I wanted to capture all the colors in their true form using only natural lighting from the sun.

Before leaving the States there was one more spectacular sight I had to capture with my camera, Niagara Falls. Getting the best location in which to take the picture makes a significant difference as you can plainly see.

Then over the Atlantic to Merry old England and its mystical old Stonehenge. Stonehenge always fascinated me as a child, so capturing its true essence in a photograph was important to me as well as the rest of the world.

From England it was a quick hop to France for an amazing photograph of the Eiffel Tower. The tower is truly one of mankind's greatest work of art and it had pleasure having me photograph it.

The next picture worthy of me and my camera was Rome's Colosseum. I was able to capture not only its beauty but its history as well. This is a truly spectacular picture.

Then a plane flight north to the Swiss Alps. A helicopter, a mule train, and a four day hike brought me to one of the most breathtaking sights of the world. The world should be happy that I invested the effort to take this wonderful photograph.

While spending the night on top of the Alps I saw the moon in a different way than ever before. I could not resist taking the picture.

Then to Asia for a picture of the Great Wall of China. I spent a week walking on the wall before I located the perfect location to take this picture. I'm sure you will agree.

Then, of course, no world photography tour would be complete without the great pyramids of Egypt.

I had a stroke of luck when returning to the States and was able to capture Mount Saint Helen's at night.