Lock Ness Monster Sighting:

"How could a prehistoric monster survive in a lake?" I thought. I was very skeptical about this one. That was, until I arrived.

Driving up to Lake Ness I noticed the large humps in the water. I parked the car and walked to the lake's edge. There I saw two of the monsters walking on the beach. I approached them, as they seemed friendly enough. One even let me pet him before they slowly moved to the water.

I returned to the car and untied my canoe from the roof and carried it to the lake's edge. I could see the Lock Ness Monsters were still swimming around close to shore as though they wanted to play. I paddled my canoe towards them and they surrounded the canoe. One lifted his head close to the canoe and let me pet his scales. At the same time the other Monster gave me quite a splash from the other side of the canoe. I was drenched with water.

Since I was already wet I decided to go swim with the Lock Ness Monsters. They were very playful and liked it when I held on to their backs as they swam around. An hour went by and I was exhausted. It was then that I decided to go get my camera.

I walked up the bank to my car and searched through all my luggage for my camera. Once I found the camera I noticed that the Lock Ness Monsters were gone but I at least got a great picture of my car.

See the amazing picture below.

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