World Photography Tour

Being the expert photographer that I am, I decided to go on a world tour. I wanted to photograph all the major attractions around the world as a gift to the people of Earth. The trip took one year but it was well worth the time. Now countless future generations can enjoy my pictures.

My first stop was the Grand Canyon. I wanted to capture all the colors in their true form using only natural lighting from the sun.

Before leaving the States there was one more spectacular sight I had to capture with my camera, Niagara Falls. Getting the best location in which to take the picture makes a significant difference as you can plainly see.

Then over the Atlantic to Merry old England and its mystical old Stonehenge. Stonehenge always fascinated me as a child, so capturing its true essence in a photograph was important to me as well as the rest of the world.

From England it was a quick hop to France for an amazing photograph of the Eiffel Tower. The tower is truly one of mankind's greatest work of art and it had pleasure having me photograph it.

The next picture worthy of me and my camera was Rome's Colosseum. I was able to capture not only its beauty but its history as well. This is a truly spectacular picture.

Then a plane flight north to the Swiss Alps. A helicopter, a mule train, and a four day hike brought me to one of the most breathtaking sights of the world. The world should be happy that I invested the effort to take this wonderful photograph.

While spending the night on top of the Alps I saw the moon in a different way than ever before. I could not resist taking the picture.

Then to Asia for a picture of the Great Wall of China. I spent a week walking on the wall before I located the perfect location to take this picture. I'm sure you will agree.

Then, of course, no world photography tour would be complete without the great pyramids of Egypt.

I had a stroke of luck when returning to the States and was able to capture Mount Saint Helen's at night.

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